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Cash ISA Fixed Rate Bonds

Issue 42 - 1.5% tax-free p.a./AER[1] until 31st January 2019

Issue 43 - 2.2% tax-free p.a./AER[1] until 29th January 2021

New applications are no longer being accepted.

Lock away your savings and watch them grow tax-free - Jump to footnote [1]

Our Cash ISA Fixed Rate Bonds give you a fixed interest rate for the duration of the bond, providing you with a guaranteed return at the end of the term. You won't pay any tax on the interest you earn either, so it's a great way to make the most of your savings and plan for the future.

Product features

  • Interest rate fixed until bond matures - Jump to footnote [2]
  • Minimum deposit £2k, maximum deposit £20k (ISA limit 2017/2018)
  • Transfer your balances from other providers (previous tax year subscriptions) to our fixed rate
  • Additional deposits possible whilst product on sale up to max limit £20k

If you withdraw your funds before the maturity date this will incur a charge. Cash ISA Fixed Rate Bond Issue 42 and Cash ISA Fixed Rate Bond Issue 43 have now been removed from sale to new applications. Existing customers have until 28th November 2017 to make a subscription. Interest is calculated daily and credited to the account annually and at maturity. UK residents only. Applicants must be 16 to apply. 18 to apply online.

Full T&C’s here (link opens in a new tab). Please see making withdrawals section.

Issue 42

1.5% tax free p.a./AER - Jump to footnote [1] until 31st January 2019

Issue 43

2.2% tax free p.a./AER - Jump to footnote [1] until 29th January 2021


[1] Tax-free means interest payable is exempt from income tax. AER – Annual Equivalent Rate illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year.

[2] Unless you tell us otherwise on maturity, the Cash ISA - fixed rate bond will be re invested into a new Cash ISA - fixed rate bond of a term closest in length to your original Cash ISA - fixed rate bond term. We will write to you with details of the available options before maturity.

Important information

Anyone aged 16 years or over is eligible to apply for a Cash ISA, must be resident or ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom and hold a National Insurance number (If you do not know it, you should be able to find your NI number on a payslip, form P45 or P60, a letter from the HM Revenue & Customs, a letter from the DWP, or pension order book). If you do not have a National Insurance number please call us to discuss.

The value of any tax benefits to you depends on your individual circumstances, the law and Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) practice which are subject to change. The proceeds of an ISA are free from UK income tax and capital gains tax, provided all ISA conditions are met.

ISA subscription limits (2017/2018)

The overall ISA limit for 2017/2018 is £20,000 with customers having the option to save all or some of their full allowance in cash, subject to the overall annual maximum amount of £20,000.

Suitable for ISA transfers

If you already have ISAs with Clydesdale Bank or any other provider, you can transfer them to one of our Cash ISAs at account opening.

  • You can transfer any amount of previous tax years’ subscriptions or;
  • If you are transferring subscriptions from tax year 2017/18 they must be transferred in full and will be subject to the overall annual maximum limit of £20,000.

Keeping track of your savings

After the funding period for the Cash ISA Fixed Rate Bonds has ended on 28th November 2017, we will issue a statement to show the amount of your investment. If you register online for internet banking you will be able to see the current balance at any time throughout the term of your Cash ISA Fixed Rate Bond.

Making withdrawals

The Cash ISA fixed rate bond is designed for savers who don't need to access their funds before the stated maturity date. If you withdraw your money before that date, you will have to pay an early withdrawal charge based on the number of days to maturity, and the account will be closed. Full details in the Withdrawals section of the terms and conditions.

Days to Maturity Early Repayment Charge
1-91 45 days’ interest
92-181 90 days’ interest
182 -273 135 days’ interest
Above 273 180 days’ interest

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How do I deposit into my Cash ISA Fixed Rate Bond?

How do I deposit into my Cash ISA Fixed Rate Bond?

  • You can deposit funds into your account at any branch.
  • Payment from your Clydesdale Bank account:
    • If you are registered for internet banking, you can make a payment into your account using the funds transfer option.
    • If you are not registered for internet banking, you can register online then complete your payment using the funds transfer option.
  • Payment from an account with another provider:
    • You can make a payment directly from another bank account as long as you have the sort code and account number of your new Cash ISA Fixed Rate Bond. These will appear on the screen at the end of your application. If you have forgotten them, please give our team a call on 0800 028 3632.

Transfer funds from another ISA account