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Gold MasterCard credit card

0% on purchases for 19 months

With a new Gold MasterCard credit card from Clydesdale Bank, you won’t pay any interest on your purchases for the first 19 months or your balance transfers for the first 12 months (3% balance transfer fee (min £3) applies*).

Representative example
  • Rate of interest 18.9% per annum (variable)
  • Total amount of credit £1200
  • Representative 18.9% APR variable


How to apply

Apply online

Find your nearest branch

If you need more help in applying for your credit card please contact us on 0844 736 7361.

Apply now
Summary box
  • No interest on purchases and balance transfers

    Apply today for a new Clydesdale Bank Gold MasterCard and you could enjoy:

    • 0% on purchases for 19 months
    • 0% for the first 12 months – on balance transfers
      (3% balance transfer fee (min £3) applies*)
    • No annual fee – helping to save you money
    • Secure online shopping – with MasterCard SecureCode
    Get the most from your new card

    The 0% interest period starts from the date you open your card account. Make the most of the savings by making purchases and transferring balances as soon as you get your card.

    It’s the only credit card you’ll ever need

    Remember, you can use your credit card at millions of outlets worldwide. If you need money in a hurry, you can even use it at any cash machine with the MasterCard symbol, although charges apply.

    A Clydesdale Bank Gold MasterCard offers you much more than a great interest rate:

    • It’s easy to apply – apply for your credit card online or at any Clydesdale Bank branch
    • Secure – we keep you safe, using the latest chip and PIN anti-fraud technologies, and extra security checks for online purchases
    • Up to 59 days’ interest free – on all purchases when you pay off your balance in full each month
    • Free additional cards – for your family members

    When applying for your credit card, you may wish to consider setting up a Direct Debit. This will ensure that you avoid any late payments and fees - it's free and takes away the hassle.

    The actual credit limit assigned to your account will vary depending on our credit assessment of you.

    * Interest will be charged on your balance transfer fee until it is paid off. It will not be charged while you are within a promotional purchases period.

    Information correct as at 16th September 2014.

  • Apply online


    You must be at least 18 years of age and a resident in the UK. If you are an existing Clydesdale Bank or Yorkshire Bank Credit Card customer, please contact us on 0844 736 7361 regarding eligibility.

    Cards are subject to status and conditions. Written quotations are available on request. Representative 18.9% APR variable. The APRs and fees may vary. At the end of the introductory rate the select rate will apply.

    The actual credit limit assigned to your account will vary depending on our credit assessment of you.

    Before you apply

    To make your application process as easy as possible, it’s a good idea to have the following information handy:

    • Your bank account details
    • Your yearly salary before tax, and your monthly take-home pay
    • Details of your monthly outgoings, such as your mortgage, rent and loans
    • Details of any other credit cards, store cards or overdraft balances that you want to transfer to your Clydesdale Bank Gold MasterCard

    Information correct as at 16th September 2014.

  • I have applied for a Clydesdale Bank Credit Card online, how long will the application take?

    We will advise you within 5 working days if your application has been approved. You will then need to sign the application and return it in the envelope provided. Once received, the application process will be completed and your new credit card will be issued. This will take 5 working days from receipt of your signed application.

    I have received a technical error after I've submitted the application. What does this mean?

    You don't need to do anything. You will receive confirmation in writing, which is normally sent within 5 working days following your application.

    My application has been referred what does this mean to me?

    This means we are unable to provide an immediate decision and we will confirm in writing via the post if your credit card application has been approved. This could take up to 14 business days.

    I wish to transfer my balances, how quickly can this be done?

    You will receive a balance transfer form within your application pack. Please complete all account details and once your new credit card is opened, the balance transfers will take place. This can take some time and therefore you should continue to make your normal payments to your existing Credit Card companies until the Balance Transfer has been processed.

    How do I make a balance transfer?

    If you are a new credit card customer - you can include the balance transfer details on you initial online application. You can also complete the Balance Transfer request form which you will receive with your application pack, if you did not include the details on your original application.

    If you already have a Clydesdale Bank Credit Card, please call 0844 736 7361

    I have forgotten to key in the Balance Transfer details what should I do now?

    When you receive your application forms to sign, a balance transfer request form will be included in this pack.

    I quoted an incorrect amount on the Balance Transfer section of the online application form.

    When you receive your application form to sign, a balance transfer request form will be included in this pack. Please include the correct information on this form.

    Can I do more than one balance transfer?

    Yes, providing you have sufficient available funds within your credit limit.

  • SUMMARY BOX - Clydesdale Bank Gold MasterCard

    The information contained in this table summarises key product features and is not intended to replace any terms and conditions.

    Representative 18.9% APR Variable

    Monthly Rate Effective Annual Rate
    Purchases 0% (for 19 months) 1.456% 18.9%
    Cash Advances N/A 2.075% 27.9%
    Balance Transfers 0% (for 12 months) 0.945% 11.9%
    Interest-Free Period • Maximum 59 days for purchases if you pay your balance in full and on time
    • There is no interest free period for cash advances
    • Interest free period on balance transfers only apply to the introductory period
    You will not pay interest on new purchases if you pay your statement balance in full and on time. Otherwise, the period over which interest is charged is as follows:
      From Until
    Purchases Date debited to your account Repaid in full
    Cash advances Date debited to your account Repaid in full*
    Balance transfers Date debited to your account Repaid in full

    * If you pay the balance in full, the interest charge for the period from the previous statement to the date of full payment will be debited the following month. If you default in the introductory period you will lose the benefit of any Introductory Rate and your account will incur interest at the Monthly / Annual Rate for the relevant balance. For further details please refer to your credit card terms and conditions.
    Allocation of Payments If you do not repay the entire balance on your account we will apply the amount you pay to the outstanding balance starting with those items to which the highest rate applies. For further details please refer to your credit card terms and conditions.
    Minimum Repayment Each month you must pay us at least the minimum payment set out in your statement. This will be an amount equal to the greater of:
    • All interest and default fees added to your account that month together with 1% of the remaining balance on your account or
    • £5 (or the statement balance if it is less than £5)

    Only ever making the minimum repayment will significantly increase the time taken to clear your balance and cost you more.
    Credit Limit Minimum Credit Limit - £500.00
    Maximum Credit Limit - Subject to status
    Fees No annual fee
    Charges Cash advances – Cash Fee 3% (minimum £3.00)
    Balance Transfers – 3% (minimum £3.00)
    Copies of Statements or Vouchers – £5.00
    Administration fee for returned cheques or Direct Debits – £10.00
    Foreign Usage Payment Scheme Exchange Rate Rates can be found at https://www.mastercard.com
    One or more of the following may apply: Non-Sterling Transaction Fee - 2.95%
    Cash Fee - 3% (minimum £3.00)
    Default Charges Late payment or Over limit fees – £12.00

    Information correct as at 16th September 2014.

    ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE –  Clydesdale Bank Gold MasterCard

    You spend £1,000 on 1st January and make no other transactions. The following example highlights the difference between only paying the minimum and a fixed amount each month on your Credit Card

    Monthly Payment Minimum Payment each month £50 each month
    Without taking into account any introductory rates, how much interest will you be charged in the first year ? £149.72 £125.35
    How much interest will you be charged in the second year ? £145.49 £55.08
    How long would it take to clear the balance ? 18 years & 6 months 24 months

    Please note, the above example assumes the following:

    • Representative 18.9% APR Variable. It excludes introductory rates
    • The transaction takes place on 1st January and you make no further transactions
    • Your statement is produced on the 1st of each month
    • You always make a payment on the due date.

    Information correct as at 16th September 2014.

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